Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Listing things for the right price (or how to actually sell things)

This post is inspired by the person who listed Shoulderguards of Honest Labor at 16,000 gold on the Auction House and expects them to sell

Well, we have all been there. Trying to list something at an outrageous price on the Auction House because there isn't any on there. We expect it to sell, I mean, there isn't an competition, right? Surely if there isn't any others then it will have to sell.

This isn't a post about naming and shaming mistakes, because everyone does them. I've put up Robes of Insight on the AH for 10k, hoping they sell. Of course, they didn't. But I was persistent on my listing and listed them at 10k for a while before they sold. Before I knew about The Undermine Journal. (TUJ for short)

See, this website is very handy when you are pricing rare items. Without knowing the value of something, you aren't getting the most out of your item. Using Shoulderguards as an example, here is a step to step guide:

  • Go to your server's version of TUJ, easily found by clicking on the homepage
  • Search the item in the top right
  • Look for the 'US Horde Median' section. Using the Median, you are less likely to be thrown off by outliers than the mean. 
  • List close to that price if you want it to sell, but still want to make maximum profit.
There are exceptions to this depending on the server, like RP servers can have transmog or other items higher while PvP servers COULD value the crafted PvP gear higher. You need to use some initiative here, and work out what price you think you should sell for.

Another option is the TSM WoWuction or AuctionDB addons. These place the information you can find on TUJ into the game's tooltips. Below is a link to the TSM addon webpage, which shows the different plug-ins to TradeSkillMaster.

The best way to utilise this is using the TSM Desktop App to automatically update it, that way you always have up to date prices from Region and Realm.

Prices are important. Don't list for too less or too much, or you can run into problems with selling items too cheaply or not selling them at all. Relisting prices add up quickly if you have no chance of selling an item.

Hope this has been helpful, good luck and enjoy the game!

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