Thursday, 12 December 2013

Panthers and You: How to get the most from your cats

As the title suggests, this post is about panthers. If you haven't heard of them, they are Jewelcrafting mounts that come in yellow, red, blue, green and onyx. This post is about how to make the most profit from them and why the Auction House isn't always the best place to sell them.

First off, the materials you need for them. 4 living steels, which you should transmute if neccessary. Find out if it is more profitable to transmute all the way from Ghost Iron, then do so. Otherwise get some trillium bars and transmute them (using your own CD, and any friendly Alchemists.)

The next step is the gems. On my server it is nearly always cheaper to just buy the gems outright, as the cost of Golden Lotus is much higher. Other servers may differ, but that's what I find.

Serpent's Eyes seem to go very cheap on my server, with the current price at less than 5 gold. You can always prospect for them if you find it more profitable though.

And finally, the Orb of Mystery. This is the tricky part. With the guild bonus, you can get an Orb for 18000g from the vendor. BUT BUT BUT.... There could be a cheaper way. Always check the Auction House, as on my server they are going for 15000g. While 3k gold isn't much of a saving, this comes in handy later.

Now to selling your cats. The best way I find is posting in trade chat. Make a little bark that catches the eye of anyone who comes onto the server. I've sold panthers to people who never wanted one, happily taking their money because I can advertise.

My current bark goes something like:

/2 [Ruby Panther] are now for sale! Charge into battle majestically with this red prowling panther, and be the envy of all your friends. FLASH SALE 21k

Anyone making panthers without the orbs from the Auction House has trouble with these prices, as they are paying an extra 3000g for their orbs. Meanwhile, I can happily just sit back and sell without a problem.

Now, why don't I post them on the Auction House? Two reasons, with the first being the 5% cut. That's about a whole thousand gold I'm missing out on at 21000 gold. I'm a cheapskate, what can I say? The second is that it drives the price down. I don't want the AH prices to be anywhere near my prices.

Well, I hope this helps. Gold luck!


  1. One has to wonder exactly where those lower than vendor cost Orbs of Mystery are coming from.My first reaction is duping, but usually, duped items are sold through trade chat (and are often bugged to not be auctionable at all).

    I suppose it could be someone transferring from another server and wanting to get around the cap on gold that can be transferred. The more common tool for that is high-end mounts themselves, but I could see the Orb of Mystery working. Are they generally from the same person?

    I suppose it doesn't matter in the end. I was just curious, as obviously someone's not just going to the vendor, buying a bunch, then coming back and selling them, unless they've got a very poor grasp of economics.

    1. They seem to all be being sold by the same person. I'm not sure if they are duped, but assuming they can't be put on the AH if they are, I'm unsure. Maybe as you suggested, someone transferring gold?