Sunday, 5 January 2014

100% profit is 100% stupidity

So, this blog post is a short one just to disrupt a rumor that has been spreading a lot on my server. It's a classic, and it seems whenever someone is challenged on their prices it arrives.

If I farm the materials to make it, it's 100% profit
Someone used this the other day to justify selling his Avenger's Trillium Legplates for 3k. After I bought them, I questioned him as to why they were so cheap. The materials alone cost 3k to make.

First thing, farming takes time. This is time you could spend doing other things, and that's why the price of rarer materials that are harder to farm are higher.

Second, if you farm all the materials to make something rare like the legplates you should probably sell them at a higher price. You are severely undercutting people who literally just buy the materials to make it. You are putting in 100 times the effort for 1/4 of the price.

Third, I will take advantage of your prices if you do this and resell at the normal price. Then I have put in literally no effort to buy an item you spent a month to make, plus your farming time, and I can resell it to get three times the profit.

Farming items does not equal 100% profit!


  1. Hypocrite? LOL, if anyone is undercutting it's you because you bought the cheap item. Sure, anyone can sell items for whatever they want, but nobody is forcing you to buy them at that price.

  2. You realize he probably resold the item? If he didn't buy it and sell it high, an actual consumer would and the price would become accepted/the norm.
    I wish it were as simple as buying something low and reselling it high, on my server. People list a TON of big items like this at a total loss. Something that cost 1.5k to make is sold for 1.6k. Or worse, they farm it all themselves and list it for 800. The sheer VOLUME of undercutting is impossible to counteract. I haven't bothered to craft any gear for sale since the middle of the expansion. Once the idiots get their hands on the patterns, it's over. People who farm their own mats for inscription sell them for 10g in trade chat, too. The AH just can't compete.

    1. I agree. Being on a smaller server though, I can usually buy those idiot's stuff cheaper and resell it before they get their hands on another.


  3. Based on what you wrote he sold the crafted item for double the market value of the mats. Could he of obtained more....based on your explanation sure. Did he make the best use of the materials and what he could of obtained....probably not. His statement that it is all profit really isnt wrong. He took his mats and sold them for more than the fair market value of the mats. On his farming, crafting and AH deal he made 3k. Did he make 3k on the AH, no as the mats could of been sold for 1.5k. Did he make 3k farming, no as the raw mats were only worth 1.5k.

    Is there a better way to make gold...sure farm the AH. Often the best use of your time is to buy the mats, craft and then sell. You will make more gold per time spent than doing the farming, crafting, AH routine.

    A better example to illustrate the problem is someone who farms the mats and sells the finished product for less than the raw cost of the mats. Thus if they sold the mats they could of made more gold.

    I do agree with what you wrote but I think the explanation isnt clear or the real point of your post is missing. Points 2 and 3 really are points made about the price to post an item for on the AH, These points are not relevant to the farming comment but are relevant on how to maximize gold making.

    I can also make the same comments (points 2 and 3) about people that dont pay attention to the value they are posting their auctions. Some markets it is easy to buy out the last item and reprice the market. This really is a different factor than farming is profit type comments.


  4. Time is money. Having to spend time to sell something is not everyone's balliwick. Be satisfied that the person sold it and got what they asked for it and are perfectly happy about. Second guessing them based on your standards of gold making is irrelevant to their game experience.