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Welcome to Gold Making 101. My name is Professor Tauna, or Taunnie from the Barthilas realm. This guide is here to help you make gold! Ever been sitting at home playing World of Warcraft and think to yourself:

  • 'I really wish I could buy that new mount'
  • 'I can't pay my repair bill, brb mailing myself gold.
  • Dammit, can't enchant my armour once again. Hope the guild master doesn't notice.

Well this guide is here for you! I'm going to cover a lot of basics in Intro to Goblineering so I hope you can keep up.

My history with gold making is pretty scarce. I started in October of 2013, when my girlfriend decided she wanted a Sapphire Panther. I couldn't afford it, of course, so decided to change that forever. Now, three months later, I'm happily sitting at nearly 300k. Pretty good effort if I do say so myself.

Lesson 1: Professions

This is a question that gets asked a lot and noone can truly ever answer it.

Which professions should I get?

Now, everyone has their own opinions. Some people swear by having an army of alchemists, while others diversify and have multiples of every profession. The first thing you need to realise is there is no one answer. You can make money with every profession! Some are more difficult than others, but they can all make money.

If you want a definite answer though, here is mine. Professions that I would get in order, before doubling up.

FIRST: Alchemy

Alchemists are an easy way to make some initial money, using the transmutation specialisation. If you go to the Living Steel page on the Undermine Journal and scroll down, you will find something like this.

This shows the ways to make living steel, and which ways are most profitable. As you can see, I can buy 6 Trillium bars for 246 gold and transmute them into a Living Steel bar. That's 100g profit, without taking into account the transmutation specialisation.

The three specialisations for alchemy are Transmutation, Elixirs and Potions. Each allows you to 'proc' or produce extra items! Most people got transmutation to make optimal profit when transmuting, but if you prefer to make money using Elixirs or Potions feel free!

As you can see though, it is much harder to make a profit with the flasks or potions. As the flasks require more expensive items, they become harder to make profits with unless you farm the items yourself.

SECOND: Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is one of the markets that people swear by, and for good cause to. You can make a lot of money from Jewelcrafting if you do it correctly. I have not personally tried to get into the market myself, but I have tried it in the past. It is a very high quantity, lower profit market and you need to tend to your auctions on a regular basis to avoid undercutters at times.

To be able to compete, you need to use an addon called TSM. Once again, I don't compete in the Jewelcrafting market so I can't really guide you here. But PhatLewts has many wonderful TSM guides to help you set up your groups and such for it.

As you can see, a 40 gold gem can clearly turn into more gold. The problem is, you have to watch the AH a lot more often than other professions.

Another way that Jewelcrafting can make money is through the selling the panther mounts. I did a post a little while ago about them, but basically these mounts are made through jewelcrafting. They take around 18-20k to make each and can sell for a bit more than that. Picking up cheap Orbs of Mystery is the key to selling them though, so keep an eye out for them!


Glyphs, glyphs, glyphs! One of the major ways Inscription makes money is through selling glyphs. These take three inks each, one parchment and can sell for a fortune depending on the realm and which glyph it is. At the moment the big ticket holders on my realm is the Glyph of Condensation that I sell. Barely anyone has the glyph, so I sell them for 500g a pop. Without competition for two weeks straight.

Shoulder Enchants are a good way to use the extra Starlight Ink that you get while making glyphs, as they sell reliably and often! Every caster needs them if they want to raid, so you can sell them fairly regularly

If you want to get into glyph making, you need to do a lot of daily researches to cover every pattern. There are also Books of Glyph Mastery that have a few patterns in them, so be sure to pick them up now in the pre-expansion sales.

Inscription can also make offhands and trinkets using one of the items they get from the daily cooldowns. These sell for less than a thousand gold for the offhands, and a few thousand for the trinkets so make good use of them! PvP trinkets are also made using Inscription, which I made a post about a few weeks ago. For one stack of Ghost Iron Bars, you can make two of the trinkets.

The final option for inscription that I wanted to cover was Mysterious Fortune Cards. These are made using one Blackfallow Ink, which can be traded down to from an Ink of Dreams. I made a killing on these the first few weeks that I started gold making, and made a post about it too so check it out!


Enchanting is easy. You get materials off the Auction House, you enchant scrolls, you sell them. It's fairly easy to do well, but difficult to master. Using TSM, keeping yourself stocked up on all the different scrolls and such can be pretty easy however.

Another way that Enchanting can be used to make profit is using the Disenchant tool. TSM has a built in Disenchant search that finds any item that is below it's disenchant value. This value is the cost of the dust that it would produce and is a great way for a new gold maker to make money!


I've grouped all of these together as the same principles applies to most of them.

Each has their own personal enchants that they can make. Belt buckles for Blacksmithing and Leg Enchants for both Tailoring and Leatherworking. These sell regularly and are a good way to keep a steady flow of income. Although all three require a rep grind to be able to make, it's worth it.

PvP gear is also made from all three, with the patterns being discovered from a daily cooldown introduced in patch 5.4. The PvP gear can sell, but it's very dependant on realm as some realms may not have a very large PvP population. The daily cooldown items can also be used to produce current tier raiding gear, which also sells pretty well!

Each of the professions also has a niche that they help fill in addition to the above similarities:


Blacksmithing can make 502 weapons, which are the best pre-raid weapons available in game. They are reliably sold for over 10k, sometimes reaching 20-30k area depending on the realm.


Tailors can produce bags that can be sold in mass quantities. One of the biggest sellers on any realm is Netherweave bags, as they are a cheap 16 slots. Producing lots of them is the only way to make a lot of profit however. Royal Satchels and Embersilk bags are also in high demand for the same reason, but sell for a lot more as they require more expensive materials.


Leatherworkers can make profession bags for the other professions, which sell fairly well too. The only problem is that the market has gone downhill with less people playing. They can also make Drums of Rage, which I wrote about in a previous post. They sell quickly on most realms, so stock up!


The under-appreciated Engineering profession is probably one of every ones favourites. You can make lots of fun toys and such, but it is not as good at making money.

This was changed slightly with patch 5.4. You are now able to do a daily cooldown, that once you save up enough of the item can be used to make a mount or two exclusive pets! These sell for around 20k each on my server, which isn't much to right home about when it costs a lot to make. But alas, next expansion there could be more ways to make money.

Another is the rare pets you can make. These patterns can be very hard to find, but once you have them are highly sought after. The Mechanical Toad pet sells for a bucket load, so make sure you are hunting for it!


These are the three gathering professions in WoW and are essential to the market. Without these professions, the market would grind to a halt because there is nothing to use to craft. Someone has to do it!

Now, most gold makers don't want to farm their own goods. It takes time, effort and is honestly boring as hell to me. But it is a good way to make money if you don't mind doing it. It's not the most effective way by a long shot, but you can make a fair bit of gold with it if you have time and enjoy flying around or repeatedly killing beasts.

But, you need to do it effectively! Find the optimal routes, and make sure you stick to them to do your farming. Gathermate is a great addon that shows you where the herbs and ores are located on your map, so make sure you look into that.


You will hear regularly about people who flip items in WoW. Essentially, flipping is buying an item low and selling it higher. It is easy, but highly risky.

This is a snapshot of the Undermine Journal's Great Deal page. It is where you should go to find, you guessed it, Great Deals!

Now, from here you can see several numbers and that's about it. The numbers have meanings though! The ones I look at are Price and Global Median, with a side glance at Avail. What you are looking for is cheap items (a low price) that are worth a lot (high Global Median). One thing you have to watch out for is ones that have a lot available though, as those generally are people who have completely crashed the market and will just undercut you before you can sell.

So, what would I buy here? Diri's Drafty Drape is the perfect example. Costs me 300 gold, and sells for 2000g. One that I wouldn't buy is the Gurabashi Punisher. 7 available, coupled with only selling for 455 gold means it honestly is a bad investment.

Re-read that in a British accent for extra emphasis.


Now, it's no doubt you have a lot of these sitting around! But what can I do with them?, you ask.

Simple, buy Hypnotic Dust! It sells for a fortune because so much is needed to level Enchanting. Back when Cataclysm was current, there was lots floating around. But since everyone is done with Cataclysm the supply for it died.


The best time to sell gems, enchants, and enhancements is after Tuesday maintenance as lots of people do their LFR's, Flex raids and other raiding around this time. Cash in on that!

Saturday is the best day of the week for buying opportunities. The market usually goes on a downwards spiral over the weekend as people don't really want to raid then. Buy it cheap, and sell it later.


If you aren't having fun making gold, then you are doing it wrong. If you don't enjoy it, stop doing it and step back. Assess your methods and what you are achieving. Maybe it's time to go into another market, or maybe it's time to stop. There is no reason to continue if you aren't enjoying yourself!

If you have any questions or information you think I should add to this, feel free to message me or post below!


  1. Nice post! Pretty much sums it up for people new to making gold.

  2. Blacksmiths can't make 522 weapons - they can make 502 weapons but not 522. And even the 502 weapons takes 30 days to learn pr weapon.

    1. Thanks, I had 522 in my brain from the other armour they make