Monday, 10 February 2014

Love and Money is in the Air

What do you think about commercializing holidays? I, for one, welcome the gold! Love is in the Air has started, and so has my Lovely Charm farming.

For those who don't know, Love is in the Air is based around the time of year where you have to either have a partner or feel lonely. Valentine's Day.With it comes new ways to make gold, that everyone should cash in on.

Loving Birds

The Swift Lovebird, available for 270 Love Tokens are always a great seller year round. Usually selling for around 10-20k, these are the best use of the tokens. If you can, find them cheap on the AH during the holiday and unload them year round.

Little Critters

There are two pets available during the holiday. Peddlefeet usually doesn't sell well, as he is avaible from the Love Tokens. Stock up on a few during the holiday though, and sell them for a nice flip.

The Toxic Wasteling is a rare drop from the holiday bosses. To queue up for this, just go into the Dungeon menu! Easy! They sell for a couple thousand gold each normally. You will probably come across a few if you are farming for the Love Rocket mount!


This is where I am sitting and farming charms. I alt-tab and wait for them to amass, then tab back and kill. As long as you are in combat with one, they will all just go straight for you and not run past.

Another place is Throne of Tides, on the little Elementals before the final boss. Seeing as I hate Vash'jir though, I decided on this one.


Having a portable Mailbox and vendor would certainly be helpful in your farming!


  1. Throne of tides has a much higher drop rate for the charms, close to 1k per hour

    1. Definitely a better spot. I just hate Vash'jir, so refuse to go there. Thanks for reading!

  2. Throne of Tides fixed? Fuck of your kdding. That spot has been like that for three years, why would they hotfix now?

    Be gutted if that's the case, was by far the best farming spot for them