Monday, 3 February 2014

TCG Loot Prices

Here be a list of Trading Card loot cards; with their average prices. I hope it's useful.

Just remember, use TUJ for your realms prices. These are average prices!

Heroes of Azeroth

Card Gold Price USD Price
Tabard of Flame BoP $30
Hippogryph Hatchling 50,000 $40
Riding Turtle BoP $130

Through the Dark Portal

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Picnic BasketBoP$10
Imp in a BallBoP$25

Fires of Outland

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Goblin GumboBoP$10
Fishing ChairBoP$40
Spectral Tiger350,000 +500,000$650

March of the Legion

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Paper Flying MachineBoP$4
Rocket Chicken110,000$120
Dragon Kite100,000$100

 Servants of the Betrayer

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Papa Hummel's Pet BiscuitBoP$4
Personal Weather MachineBoP$30
X-51 Nether Rocket180,000 + 200,000 $330

Hunt for Illidan

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Path of IllidanBoP$6
Soul-Trader Beacon150,000$240

Drums of War

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Party GrenadeBoP$2
Flag of OwnershipBoP$70
Big Battle Bear130,000$119

Blood of Gladiators

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Sandbox TigerBoP$5
Epic Purple ShirtBoP$40
Foam Sword RackBoP$45

Fields of Honor

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Path of CenariusBoP$3
Ogre PinataBoP$24
Magic Rooster 290,000$240


CardGold PriceUSD Price
Tiny White Stallion BridleBoP$7
Tuskar Kite120,000$80
Spectral Tiger Cub100,000$160


CardGold PriceUSD Price
Landro's BoxRandom, could be BoP could be Spectral Tiger$30
Instant StatueBoP$60
Blazing Hippogryph150,000$200


CardGold PriceUSD Price
Ethereal PortalBoP$40
Wooly White Rhino200,000$150


CardGold PriceUSD Price
Landro's Lil' XT12,000$12
Grim CampfireBoP$40
Mottled Drake170,000$200

War of the Elements

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Landro's Lichling12,000$10
War Party Hitching PostBoP$15
Savage Raptor150,000$120

Twilight of the Dragons

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Nightsaber Cub20,000$20
Fool's GoldBoP$10
Amani Dragonhawk130,000$140

Throne of the Tides

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Purple Puffer12,000$10
Sack of StarfishBoP$10
Swift Shorestrider110,000$90

Crown of the Heavens

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Grell Moss12,000$10
Magical Ogre IdolBoP$40
Corrupted Hippogryph150,000$150

Tomb of the Forgotten

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Sand Scarab10,000$7
Spurious Sarcophagus BoP$15
White Riding Camel140,000$100

War of the Ancients

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Eye of the Legion12,000$8
Demon Hunter's AspectBoP$35

Betrayal of the Guardian

CardGold PriceUSD Price
Gusting Grimoire 15,000$8
Dark PortalBoP$45
Ghastly Charger240,000$200

And there we have it. Every expansion from the TCG, with their respective loot cards. With the cancellation of the card game, these prices are expected to rise as the items become rarer and rarer. While some were introduced through the Black Market Auction House, a lot of the rarer ones were left out. The Spectral Tiger, arguably the most spectacular of the list, was one of the items that have been left out. With each loot card gaining you the Swift and normal versions of the mount, it is definitely a good investment.



  1. This post is a great tool for those that like to buy booster packs and gamble on getting a loot code. Using this list, you can find the item, mount, or pet that you want that comes from the WoW TCG. Then, you see which expansion booster packs to buy based on what you want a chance to win. . Sometimes you can get a whole sealed box of these older booster packs for under $35 on amazon.

  2. Have you thought of adding a column for the average BMAH sale price? You can get a lot of these from the BMAH and resale them on your AH.